Anonymous said: I hope you have a self evaluation one day because you're too pretty to be such a lying, hateful person.

Cool. Elaborate as to what I lied about?


Anonymous said: I feel so bad for your boyfriend because he seems so perfect and you even still talk to that Michael guy you dated and you're a huge fake ass liar. I hope you get what you deserve and get stuck working at mcdonalds for the rest of your life you dumb fat bitch

Yeah I hope I work at mcdonalds for the rest of my life too. I mean, I did become a manager in less than three months and I can only move forward. Mcdonalds isn’t just flipping burgers and serving it out a window. You can travel all over the world, and make more money than you ever imagined just from a simple McDouble. So yeah, also I only talked to Michael when I wasn’t with Bradley. I never cheated. And I rather be a fat bitch than a fucking cunt who hides behind anonymous ways to send hate mail. Come at me in person if you wanna talk shit.

  • normal person: sings lyrics
  • me: sings lyrics
  • : sings backup vocals
  • : sings guitar riffs
  • : air-drums entire song
  • : headbangs
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